“Maginficent Warning Monument” at FILUX Villahermosa 2019 (June 21-24, 2019)

The work of Máximo González warns about the perverse use of money as the supreme value of representation of the World, and as a symbolic synthesis of everyday reality.
His installation integrates 300+ elements of light in the re-semantization of everyday objects such as plates, glasses, spoons, buckets, toys, cables, etc., relocating them in the contemporary gaze, full of mystery, charm and beauty.
“Magnificent Warning Monument” invites us to become aware of the dangers of plastic in our lives, a real threat to ecosystems and to human health.

The installation can be viewed at Museo Elevado de Villahermosa (MUSEVI) for FILUX.

Magnificent Warning Monument” was awarded Premio Centenario at ZonaMaco, Mexico City 2010.
Part of this installation was commissioned by Rubin Center for the Visual Arts, El Paso, Texas (USA) 2013.