Proyecto Changarrito: Selecciones de la Colección 2016 – 2018 de Mexic-Arte Museum

Since 2012, Mexic-Arte Museum has hosted more than 60 local and international artists through its Changarrito Artist Residency Program. During their residencies, artists display their work on the Changarrito cart outside the Museum and other locations throughout Austin. The Museum has acquired a vast collection of artworks ranging from traditional media, such as paintings, prints, and sculptures, to design-oriented collectible pop culture items, like zines, stickers, toys, and even car air fresheners. The upcoming exhibition, Changarrito Project: Selections from the Collection 2016 – 2018 will feature works displaying the diversity and richness found in the styles and techniques of the emerging Latinx artist community of Austin, making for a truly unique and rare insight into the Permanent Collection at Mexic-Arte Museum.


419 Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78701