Máximo González winner at ArtPrize

With the artwork “Tengo Hambre” (I’m Hungry) presented at the exhibitions of “Kendall College of Art and Design” of Ferris State University, Máximo González won the first place in the Three-Dimensional category by the vote of the jury in the artistic contest ArtPrize 2014.

González took part in ArtPrize through an invitation of a curator of the art school of Kendall College, who selected the artwork of 200 rices with the words “Tengo Hambre” to contest.

The piece “Tengo Hambre” looks for becoming aware of the hunger for peace, the hunger for education and the hunger for justice that we have, the artwork represents us, it is our encapsulated shout, invisible, but that is felt, but that each time is more powerful”.

As well as Grand Rapids city, Michigan, the artwork “Tengo Hambre” has been exhibited in: Los Angeles, California, Valencia, Spain; El Paso Texas; Buenos Aires, Argentina y Sao Paulo, Brasil.


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Photo: “Tengo Hambre”, by Máximo González, at KCAD.