Pangea / 1708 Gallery / Richmond, Virginia


Installation located at
128 W Broad St, Richmond, VA

a 1708 Gallery exhibition


Friday, Nov 3

7 pm – midnight

In the installation Pangea (2017), visual artist Máximo González (Argentina, 1971) seeks to draw a “new” world map that resembles Pangea, the supercontinent that was made up of nearly all the landmasses on Earth, in order to confront the geopolitical constructs that shape our society and to reflect on the degree to which these can be shifted.
The floor of the exhibition venue–a picturesque shop from the early 20th century–is covered with 1000 inflatable balls that resemble world globes and that are remains of the 7000 used for González’s emblematic installation Camino entre mundos [Walk Among Worlds] (2011). The visitors are inevitably immersed in the piece as they make their way through the inflatable balls, forced to move them around and to intermingle with other people to view and experience the work. Through this interaction that can be simultaneously playful, uncomfortable and chaotic, the spectator becomes aware not only of the materiality of the plastic balls filled with air–some of which might have been deflated by the constant manipulation of visitors–but also of his or her corporality in this space and in relation to the world. In what manner are we using the natural resources we share with other human beings? It is not about each individual inflatable ball, but about what is generated when 1000 of them are assembled in the same space. The plastic globes are rearranged over and over with the passing of new visitors; each configuration speaks of the multiple possibilities of relating to the world.
One of the walls of the space is covered with over one hundred red light bulbs, each representing the capital of a country belonging to the United Nations. These different cities are interconnected by copper wire, which demarks the shortest possible aerial route between them. When these individual light bulbs are linked by the wire, the outline of a form is created and each distinct city becomes part of a shared whole. Via this visual structure that inevitably reminds us of Pangea, González prompts us to envision a “bigger picture,” to think about the collective, and to reflect on how we have come to configure our world, as well as on the possibility of working towards the creation of a new model, one that perhaps is not delimited by political divisions, but rather conformed by conjunctions. If we were capable of configuring these manmade boundaries, are we not capable of reconfiguring them as well?

–Othiana Roffiel

Seven year unfinished art project stolen in Los Baños, California

Seven year unfinished art project stolen in Los Baños, California

An art thief is holding more than 250 paintings and drawings of dead trees. They were stolen Friday night out of truck parked at a hotel in Los Baños. Artist Máximo González has spent the past seven years working on his tree project.
His biggest fear now is the thief will pitch all seven boxes of art work in a dumpster or on the side of the road. González is hurt and hopes his stolen paintings and drawings will be recovered.
The 268 paintings and drawings are part of his ecological art project. “Its goal is to create consciousness about the devastation that is being done of our woods, of our nature, of our environment.”                                                                         González was planning to display his project at Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga.
He says the paintings and drawings have little value if they are separated. This past weekend the art community reached out in Los Baños. Members searched for art in dumpsters. They also put out an alert at area churches.
González hopes the thief has a conscience. “We hope this person who don’t know about art, who don’t know about these paintings, please put these paintings somewhere where we can find them.”
The Los Baños Police Department is investigating the stolen artwork. If you have any information on the case call 209-827-7070 Ext. 0

‘Imbalance’ / Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art / Gdansk, Polonia

Exhibition “Imbalance”

Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art (Gdańsk, Polonia)

September, 22nd / November, 11th

Curator: Blanca de la Torre

Artists: Xavier Ribas | Manuel Vázquez | Sergio Belinchón | Oligatega Numeric | Kamila Chomicz | Lúa Coderch | Julius Von Bismark | Perejaume | Philip Fröhlich | Jun Ngunyen-Hatsushiba | Cecylia Malik | Allan Sekula | Joan Fontcuberta | Máximo González | John Gerrard | Jennifer Steinkamp | Antoni Muntadas | Superflex | Federico Guzmán | Marjetica Potrč | Andreas Gursky | Anri Sala | Lara Almarcegui | Chus García Fraile


TITLE: Fiath Abarth/Kiwi, Citröen Ami 8/Pear and Helicopter/Grape, from the series ‘Project for the reuse of obsolete vehicles after the extinction of oil’
DATE: 2008
TECHNIQUE: Drawing, graphite, watercolor and colored pencils on paper. Variable measures

Stranger Lands / 500X Gallery / Dallas, TX

Stranger Lands / 500X Gallery / Dallas, TX

Opening Reception

May, 6th

19 to 22

Curator: Julie Libersat

Artists: Máximo González, Krista Caballero, Sean Miller, Lexie Mountain, Patrick O’Neil, Trudi Lynn Smith and Kate Hennessy, William Sarradet, Carolyn Sortor, Karina Skvirsky, Jenny Vogel, Gloria Wyatt and Longui Zhang