“Maginficent Warning Monument” at FILUX Villahermosa 2019 (June 21-24, 2019)

The work of Máximo González warns about the perverse use of money as the supreme value of representation of the World, and as a symbolic synthesis of everyday reality.
His installation integrates 300+ elements of light in the re-semantization of everyday objects such as plates, glasses, spoons, buckets, toys, cables, etc., relocating them in the contemporary gaze, full of mystery, charm and beauty.
“Magnificent Warning Monument” invites us to become aware of the dangers of plastic in our lives, a real threat to ecosystems and to human health.

The installation can be viewed at Museo Elevado de Villahermosa (MUSEVI) for FILUX.

Magnificent Warning Monument” was awarded Premio Centenario at ZonaMaco, Mexico City 2010.
Part of this installation was commissioned by Rubin Center for the Visual Arts, El Paso, Texas (USA) 2013.

Maximo Gonzalez at Scarborough Town Center for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018

For one sleepless night, from sunset to sunrise (Sat, Oct 29 7 PM – Sun, Oct 30 7 AM) Toronto is transformed into an artistic playground for a series of exhilarating contemporary art experiences in unexpected public spaces.

Maximo Gonazlez will present his immersive installation “Walk among worlds”, and the performance “Flag-bearers” at Scarborough Town Center.

Scarborough Town Centre
300 Borough Drive
Lower Level, Centre Court
– This project will be extended until October 8th during regular mall hours –

(*) “Walk among worlds” was presented at Enredados in Casa de America, Madrid (2011), Fowler Museum UCLA, Los Angeles CA (2012), Casa Tomada, San Salvador (2013), Scotiabank Toronto Nuit Blanche (2014), Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara, MX (2014), GACX Xalapa, Veracruz, MX (2015), Chalk The Block, El Paso TX (2015), Inlight, Richmond, VA (2017)

Proyecto Changarrito: Selecciones de la Colección 2016 – 2018 de Mexic-Arte Museum

Since 2012, Mexic-Arte Museum has hosted more than 60 local and international artists through its Changarrito Artist Residency Program. During their residencies, artists display their work on the Changarrito cart outside the Museum and other locations throughout Austin. The Museum has acquired a vast collection of artworks ranging from traditional media, such as paintings, prints, and sculptures, to design-oriented collectible pop culture items, like zines, stickers, toys, and even car air fresheners. The upcoming exhibition, Changarrito Project: Selections from the Collection 2016 – 2018 will feature works displaying the diversity and richness found in the styles and techniques of the emerging Latinx artist community of Austin, making for a truly unique and rare insight into the Permanent Collection at Mexic-Arte Museum.


419 Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78701

‘Abandonment Research’ workshop within the framework of UNESCO Zapopan Forum

The week of March 13, 2018, together with Iván Buenader, taught the contemporary art workshop ‘Abandonment Research’, within the framework of activities of the UNESCO Zapopan Forum for the “Declaration on cultural policies for the sustainable development of the community” , along with workshops given by Betsabeé Romero, Nadin Ospina, Santiago Gamboa and Sandra Lorenzano.

ArCo 18

ArCo Madrid 18

International Contemporary Art Fair
‘Aural Galería’
February, 21-25
Artists: Máximo González, Anna Bella Geiger, Concha Jeréz, Fernando Sinaga, Isaac Montoya, Javier Vallhonrat, José Maldonado, Juan José Martín, Luis Gordillo
“Biography” of the Project “Small Money Labyrinth”, 2016
Out of circulation paper money

Changarrito Project / Memory-Book 12 Years / Zona Maco


February, 11th, 2018

We are pleased to present the Memory-Book of Changarrito Project, published with the support of the Prince Claus Fund, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Contemporary Art Board (PAC). Contains History and Memory of the Changarrito Project through its 12 years of work in Mexico City and other 20 cities around the World. It includes texts signed by Artists, Curators, Researchers and Historians; records of all activities performed as exhibition platform, outreach and research; the books published by Letritas del Changarrito; the International Changarrito Residence and the Changarrito Archive Collection. Presented by Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX)

The book can be obtained at EXIT Bookstore

‘Anachronismes’ / Paris


Mairie du 2e arrondissement de Paris
8 rue de la Banque

December 18th 2017 through January 2nd 2018

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 5 pm
Thursday : 8:30 am – 7:30 pm

Artists: Máximo González, Bibi, Lyes Hammadouche and Serene Debs

Curators: Lamia Tlass, Xin Guan and Gabriela Salomón


Untitled yet
Máximo González, 2017
Mixed media installation (detail)
From ‘An immense banyan’, Solo Show at Galería Aural, 2017
Installation developed at Lizieres Artist Residency, 2015
Photo by José Jurado